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Natural Hair Wigs: A Beginner’s Guide

August 01, 2017 5:39 PM

The Classic Natural Hair Wig

Buying a natural hair wig for the first time can be very confusing. There are so many different kinds of wigs that you may be tempted to give up before choosing one! They have all kinds of names, from frontal to lace to full to u-part and more. Keep reading for our simple guide to the different kinds of natural hair wigs on the market, sure to make your selection process a lot less daunting!


Most popular natural hair wig types


Full or "Full cap" Wigs


The full cap wig is the OG of wigs. Machine-made with a soft fabric lining, full cap wigs ares the most simple wigs in terms of installation and concept. All you have to do is cornrow or twist your hair down and put the wig on your head. Make sure to put on a wig cap so that your real hair is not snagged by combs or clips.  

If you want get out of the house quickly, the full cap wig is for you. There is no blending necessary and you can style it as though it is your own hair. In addition, you can use a wig head to style it in any way you want. Think about how much easier it is to do hair on someone else’s head than on your own!

As an added bonus, most full cap wigs double as an excellent protective style. While your coils are safe from manipulation under the wig, they are able to retain moisture and grow healthily.


Partial or Half Wig

Partial wigs sit several inches back behind your hairline. You’ll need a good bit of your hair out in layered on top of the wig. Make sure your hair is long enough to nearly match the length of the top layer of the wig for maximum realism. You’ll then need to blend your leave-out with where the wig is attached. Half wigs are generally attached via clips or combs, but can also be glued--although we don't recommend glue as it is likely to damage your real hair! Think of partial wigs as a halfway point between extensions and full wigs. They are super realistic assuming your hair is long enough, and are faster to install than a full head of extensions. 


U-Part Wig

A U-Part wig is similar in concept to a partial wig, but instead leaves out a much smaller U shape at the front. For example, the U-part wig would allow you to create a very realistic side-part by attaching it on either side of your part and filling the center with a bit of your own hair. This allows you to still blend your hair, but you don’t necessarily have to have the same kind of length as with a half wig. Once again, make sure that your hair texture and color matches the wig!


Lace Front Wig

Lace front wigs are slightly different for each person. They arrive with a “lace” in the front that can be cut to fit your hairline. Then, they are glued to the front of your scalp. To make the hairline look more realistic, hairs are plucked from the hairline or front of the wig. Given that they are glued, lace front wigs are very secure. They will not come off even if you are upside down on a trampoline.

However, we recommend against wearing lace front wigs. The glue and lace can be very damaging to your real hairline. We wear wigs primarily to switch things up and protect our own hair. Getting a particular style in the short term is not worth the long term negative effects on your hair. Remember, much like your skin your real hair is a part of you and you should treat it with care so that it remains healthy and beautiful! If you do still want a lace front wig, make sure that you go to a stylist to get it professionally installed.


Have fun!

Wigs are unbelievably versatile. In the hair world, there is no better way to have the style you want, when you want. Regardless of your current hair length, you can rock a wig of any shape, style, color or length on any given day, matching your hair to your outfit or the occasion or even your mood. 


No matter the type you choose, natural hair wigs are an awesome way to add versatility to your afro-textured hair. You can get any style you dream of in the blink of an eye. So have fun!


Have any questions about any of the wig types? Need another type explained? Comment below!

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